Monday, September 21, 2009

A busy route

The lights made the society look majestic. People were havin a good time it seemed. They were busy.
I took a good look at the basketball court. Some fond memories we share. I still remember the great barb-finishing games we played here. Our four years of young sweat was subsumed somewhere and everywhere.. pretty much all over the place..deep below, perhaps still in patches.

As I moved on, I saw a couple of guys sitting on a park-bench. There was a girl too. A little older than the two blokes. She was talking. Now I usually avoid any sort of a staring glance or even an eye-contact for the matter, at or with the bodies moving round me (for reasons not relevant). Plus I'm not very fond of eavesdropping either. But the girl was pretty. So I ended up doing both.
"..None of these. Love is not defined.. you need to make the girl feel special about the bond you both share!"

Oh yeah!.. The only time I come across those terms is while solving a CAT question these days.

I smiled my way back. The whole of it. It had nothing to do with the great wise words, but the scenario, the flock, the moon. I felt my way a few months back, when we guys used to sit in a circle and chat all night long. Talk our heart out. Never exhausted. Laughing all the way untill all of a sudden, we realize it's too late and one might just miss their last local. The quad sessions are always the best date you can have.

It's not too hard to figure out why all of a sudden a lot has changed this semester. People have realized it's time to get things in order. Everyone's busy. Too busy. Honestly,I'm not really enjoying my time in this cave. But then I do know it's a phase that needs to be tolerated. And eventually we shall wave it a goodbye. I feel this lamp still has what it takes to last a little longer. I only hope it doesn't flutter out just like that. I wish we do it with a bang!
It's just this time. I intend to respect it and allow it to be consumed.

I actually had no desire to write down anything today( hence forgive me, or rather bless me..for the short length;-) and the untidy flow) Its just that no one else really does , what got me down to this.

I took the same route while coming back. I observed the lights were down a bit. It was a little late. Surprisingly the clan hadn't left the place. The teens were still there, joined by another one. The girl was still talking. I wondered why a bunch of restless teenagers would be so interested in listening to such stuff. Hmmm..maybe the philosophy was doing them good..maybe they are disciplined followers of the wise...Or maybe.. their unusually good looking teacher, was worth the preaching.
I suspect I knew the answer. And it wasn't a none of the above this time.


Sanket said...

That's the only thing i can say after reading this post. You can easily link lot of things which have so little in common so easily.

Enjoy living in the cave and wish you luck for your CAT.

Tanmay said...

really good...and trust me this phase will pass...and you don't need to say it..we will end our engg days with a bang

Yugandhar said...

i know what you are talking about...ppl have realised and have become busy...and i don't enjoy it either...but as u said it is a phase...:)

pratap kaul said...

*yawn* Told you so is all i can say. I am the smarter one afterall:P

Neha said...

You describe situations nicely!

poisonivy said...

Lol. It's just a phase. Next sem will be awesome :)

gurtej said...

Bhai fatte likha hai... Finally, sat down to read your blog post. This is my diwali present to you. But loved what I read... Agree to whatever you've written but giving up on ppl is just not the solution
;-) When everyones busy someone has to step up and make things happen. And there are very few ppl in our class who can actually do that. Can't let them be bogged down... So when u shutting down ur blog???


m sure after this post that night at the irani's made u extra glad..