Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elements of footprints

Forever is a very long time. So when my friend suggested a near about week long nature hike, my mind was sniffing that forever. Sooner or later, this marathon like week of slow sleeping, open calls, and mosquito romancing was gonna put locks to all my hopes of even giving it a thought.
I was standing, staring outside my window trying to recall the happy moments that surfaced in the recent eventless season. Nothing. Marooned, I punched the keys of my mobile-pad, a little excited about a raw plan I'd made during the exams. I had counted 10. Expected 6. Royally rewarded with 12 confirmations, I was happily surprised.

The plan was simple. A trek. A lot shorter version of what a few of my other friends had already planned. The twenty-twenty glitz of course, with theTests heading museums.

Honestly, given a general space, I could go on talking melody about the most evident beauty, the spring routes, teasing root holds, and the obvious thrill. But what really fascinates me on such occasions is the up-close interaction, and the colourful perceptions framed around these attributes. My understanding to a good day is kindergarten. Good friends, a good open-hearted talk, and some nice food to go along with it:D. It's also a fair oppertunity to get to know people better, and meet new ones. A void if you're keeping yourself in a box. So yes, a great oppertunity to declare the real you to your friends as well. 12 hours, and your opinions about certain things, perception on certain individuals is up for a toss. For good?..absolutely! And I talk prominently for people like me, who make assumptions, prefer keeping things to themselves, personal, and are a push to talk type. Where slow and steady is the key to a perfect recipe: Sugar spice, and everything nice:D.. Well, this is where it gets relishing all the more.

Now there are these funny little elements as I put 'em, which some way or the other become an absolute dose when you're out, spending some good informal time with the people you know, or you think you do. It's imperative, and a blessing for all you know. Silly games, stupid jokes, singing ridiculously infamous songs, remembering rather under the carpet events..some nice but most, embarassing. It's basically a span of happy hour god gives you to let yourself loose, no holds bar. These are the 'ICE BREAKERS'!..why, for a simple reason.. you make your interaction transparent, much so that you feel relieved and clean as air once you're back home.
You feel great, and why not. You'll learn that, to stay happy is not merely packing a smile on your face, but to make it evident, and impart the same on others. This of course after you've dealt with some serious weeds within, who says it's that easy to look happy anyways?!.. Well..a give away..thorns to living up these kodak moments are ironically within us, surfacing at will, fading when it wants, or if it even does. The obvious question is what they could be?.. my best guess..anything you do, that jolts a concerned look on everyones faces, and pulls up queries you have no answer to. It's indifferent to me on whatsoever occassion though. For good or bad, I honestly don't know. Personally, my best attempt to resolve any doubts is pretty today-like. A text. So the next day when a friend asks.."Hey why so formal?..All gentleman, SMS stuff?".. My response is nothing short of a puppy-face snarl. It's something I just don't know how to answer. Let's just say it's a straight-simple-silly way of coveying a genuine gratitude to the company I was a part of, and indirectly apologizing for any kind of mess I caused in their minds through my unexplainable acts, with all due respect to my random mood-swings, and glum look putting many to worry!
Anyways, trekking back to the down trail.. an additional advice is always to carry something back down with you. Could be a rock, flower, wooden stick, not an animal or an insect though, their life is way too short to cry over our misery, but anything else..something that you conviniently passed over, stepped on, or maybe even something your friend hit you with. I say this simply because(hang on, here comes the senti part) once time sways by and through, the only evidence you can feel is gonna be in your hand, and not on your desktop. Because where your camera will glue your eyes, this lifeless stick will moist them. Your choice of the venue is most irrelevant in such a case. Unknowingly but somehow, the company supersedes the motions around you. Hmmm.. a little too much eh.. well nevermind, let's just trust my instincts and believe we'll understand it better 10 years from now.

So.. buckle up. Fasten your backpacks, and race up one such trip .. You shall realize what starts off as a journey to feast on the nature's charm, indispensably becomes an unplugged memory to cherish with the nature as a mere catalyst.
Either ways, you shall have an amazing day..