Monday, February 22, 2010


What a horrendous day. Perfect I think. I was on the edge for a while. Precarious. But It's all falling apart now. Perfect. Just what I needed.
You know I always thought blogging could be a way of emptying your stomach without throwing up. Flushing away your frustrations. Giving wings to your mood swings. Bombing the bad in your life.
Some 10 posts hence.. I'm finally of the opinion it's true.
Of course I still believe it's the most pseudo mechanical way of doing things. I mean no one knows what you're face and eyes would tell. You are at a definite advantage. Punching the keyboard like you feel. Bang Bang Bang!!!
Honesty, diplomacy, romance, vigour, humour... literature is like a delicious cake.. and blogging crowns it with a cherry.
I'd agree I'm being an idiot.. atleast sounding like one. But I for once know what I mean. And whether someone noticed or not.. the cake is already baked.
Here's the cherry.. You're reading my final post on footprints.

I've scratched my head pretty hard trying to figure out what this post would be like. I knew I'll choke it in the final season right from the day I started. But my options were way more significant. Friends, life, college, experiences...
I've always wanted to write on such streams.. but I believe they're things one can never understand on screens or paper. Being fair.. neither can one truly express.
It's been sometime since the scratching. And trust me.. this is by far the best I've come up with. And god knows I mean it.
The term footprints means a lot to me, and The Blogosphere has been a smart market. I'm in debt.. but i'd thank it for the shrink nevertheless.
Over the past year( since I started) I've had the privilege of reading some brilliant posts!
I won't name.. but I do have some favourites;-)
I've constantly been amazed and impressed by the way one can think and express the same.
It's been inspiring.. and it's been fun too.
Anyhow.. I'd save you the precious minute and would like to thank you all for being a part of this space.
Once again.. Its been a pleasure reading your posts. All of yours. And I assure you.. you haven't lost a reader.
Take care.