Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Looser!

100th time. Or is it over? Yes gotta be. I love my sundays. And I love this channel for making my sundays go worth. I wanted to do this for a long time now. And pretty much fresh in my mind with what I want to talk about, I think it's about time I finally do.
This is a story.. A very realistic spin of a youth, underdog who saw both ends of the universe if there existed any. It's a story with a brilliant colour of human emotions, desires, self-realization and a gallon of spirit to overcome odds. More than anything else, it has a paint of reality throughout. A great fiction model to compare your life with.
The story is reeled, and starts with four notorious, and very close friends Ghote, Anjali, Maksood and our hero Sanju. The reckless but happy go lucky bunch showcase how a school life should truly be lived. Free, careless, spoilt, a pain in the back and the seed of all troubles..!!

They reflect a sense of innocence with their tickling acts and flaunt their 'look we have wings' attitude on whoever dared to tie up their laces. Sanju thought no one ever understood them. Not even their parents. He thought the world despised them, but didn't really care.Why should he?..He knew he was gonna make it big someday. He knew there was a great future but simply wanted to enjoy till then.
The circus was a season. And so while others claimed merit in academics, & brought laurels to their institution.. the cooler lot bunked, ate junk, and smoked all day, least bothered of shrugging off the tag of a 'Looser' off their sleeves.
The resemblance is uncanny..but then that's what most of the God-fathers and legends on books would tell you, how they started. It's a mere coincidence yes, but that's not my point.

Go on.. it's building up to something I promise.

Our lead has a sibling. A champion in his field. Good looking. A 'liked by all' fellow.. and mattering most of which..the seed of what brought a bitter taste to Sanjay's life. Like in most obvious cases.. a shade of competitive comparision was spilled on him. He loved his brother but hated the measuring eyes that stole the colours of his hair. He felt the pinch of partial treatment whether it was money, material, status or respect.

It's true when they say the world is a mirror, and it doesn't take long for one to realize what reflects is what you are. You respect the world, it reflects the same..You laughs right back!
What we miss to realize at times though is the fact that the person in the mirror is none else but us. Complaining can never help.. We respect ourselves.. and it's a start.
But our little fellow here doesn't understand that yet. He's a teen afterall.. a teen who has friends, loves having fun, secretly smokes, laughs, feels jealous, and falls in love..

Oh?!.. I din't mention that earlier did I? ..Hmmm...

The story shows innocent little Sanju turn pink and hearts for a girl of his dreams. A superb plot covering the true shades of a teenager, who always believes that all the damsels around feed their time to only those who wear gold, and drive cars. And well so it happens that our clever bloke turns green and goggles, and with a bit of help from his friends... Viola!!.. Mr.millionaire successfully decieves the lady in red to fall for him.
It's just that morning spring touch that makes this teenage version of love so delicate. You remember your school days and recall the number of times you thought you're switching to dreams during day..and you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyhow.. it unfortunately turns out that the girl comes to know of the puppet show(though a khabri, another common teenage phenomenon) and plots a revenge against the cheater kiddo.
Sanju was taught a lesson.. and worse...was now heart-broken..
The clobbered spirit didn't get better..and he was dismissed by his father, and verbally crushed by his elder champion brother. It was not the best time for Sanju, and the first to notice this was his close friend..Anjali. Another point where I think the leaf turns up to show how you're true friends are always there to catch your fall..and how the doors of a new start keep opening for you..

Anjali, a poor next door girl secretly liked Sanju. Hmmm..the only part where I thought it got a little bit too filmy;)..and it was now time for this reality to hatch and blossom.


As someone has rightly quoted.. All of a sudden, when something goes right for you..better pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. Our kid wasn't born with a lucky feather..and the fall continued in his life when his dear brother met with an accident. This was the point in Sanjay's life where he realized that it was now his time to put on the gloves. Life was demanding, and he could finally see that.

With a bleak foundation and a resolute attitude, our circle star stepped out to face the sun. All his play pleasure had crashed in a few days. A lot earlier than he had imagined. But he knew it was coming, and he knew this was it.
Guys this ain't an entertainment preview. Nor has it to do anything with a senti build-up. The idea was simply to share this very interesting tale of a young, looser-labelled boy, who throughout his life, did hardly anything right to please his family. His acts were never constructive, and the only thing he brought home was trouble. This bit is dedicated to all those people out there who believe there share in their work-dom is black and white. It's to those who think they run on the darker side of the line that divides rich from poor, good from bad, beautiful form ugly. It's to all the self..(or not) proclaimed 'loosers' in a bright community.

A wise voice will tell you.. life is not a let the winning part be left for those who think it is. Winning is relative, and one can customize the standards to which he wants to compete for. You be the one who decides the race, and you decide if you've won it.

Let's make it a little more clear..

In the story, Sanjay's family wanted him to win the race. Anjali, who loved him the most wanted him to win his family back..But as for Sanju..he wanted to win everything he never had in the past. To him, it was his family..his friends..his pride... and respect.

So it's not just about a medal, or a cup..or even a race for the matter. Life goes happily beyond that. A person may be a champion throughout his life, but still a loner at no different time. Give him a friend..and he'll say he has won!

So....the next time when you see that reckless, irresponsible, and a good for nothing guy, laughing away to glory with no bloody sense of what's right and what's not.. remind yourself..

He's probably the one who'd help you when your friends back-off..
You might be the one who makes the circuit diagrams..but he's the one who colours them..
He is the one who sets up sparks in your static life..

He is the one who adds to the flavour and pulls up a breeze in a not so lively square..

And hey...never forget..he's also the one who has that Sanju inside him, sleeping...waiting for that flare to blaze his eyes open someday..and for all you know..he might be the one next in race with you!
So friends...walk on...And yes..if you think you're one of those 'loosers' we're talking about..carry it up your sleeve with utmost pride, and let that chin lead you.. Enjoy. Enjoy every bit of what you have. Cherish what you do, and what bit you achieve. Life is short, too short. Who knows..that Sanju in you......might just wake up today!!.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

The ReSuLT..

**I couldn't resist..I ran back..grabbed a page, and poured my memory on it..
* Click on the picture for a better view:)
5 Minutes back...
" Is baar serious lagta hai yaar"...
" Confirmed news hai.."
" A, B, aur C ko bhi sms aaya.."
" D top maara.."
After a month long wait, and a rumour packed summer, it was finally the day!
The result was finally out and people were smashing their their teeth to swallow. I could see the swarm of heated up human bodies burst through the door, ignoring a highly potential stampede. I, being a proud member of the looser clan( Go sanket:D), took my hibernation time, yawned, flexed my rusty muscles and strolled down, simply to witness what I would call one of the most amazing sights that only an engineering life could show me...