Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love scrapps

SUBJECT: Synopsis Nirmaan 2007


How often do we wake up in the middle of a night discovering spirit foaming in desires..
The desire to get back to the world of mist which suddenly seems the only place closest to heaven..
That for you my LOVE!
It’s a hollow feeling they say… it hurts but not a plague…its worse if you ask one. For all it seems eternity is staring right through you.
Desire is a far-fetch, when a divine fantasy rules your thoughts.. and the soul starts taking the burden of guilt~…..
But why the remorse?!?..i mean true they claim poets are born at teens…its just the time when this sensational torment of fascination gets the better of ones control over self-senses & even LIFE in every sense of the word!!..
Long forgotten is ‘yesterday’..and even though god permits no more than what mother earth solicits for…the earth, all of a sudden seems million light years away.. and you’re all back face to face with the guilt of making that magic feeling a part of your life..
Complicated as it may sound… one's theory on this exquisite gift of cupid is always gonna fall short of its true meaning.

EXPECTED: Complete attendance of NIRMAAN 07’



Said that however…a FAIRYTALE can never bestow an explanation on what a love-struck victim could endure to suspend the grief…
Out of tons of these fictional opinions… what comes closest to an apt guidance is ‘EXPERIENCE’. This experience my friends can put you through all your regrets and remorse.
Against most odds… we are blessed to get a chance to witness two of the most prominent love-gurus who have lived through all that we can put together from our meager lives..
SANT-ANKIT SHAH & GURU-GURTEJ SINGH CHANDOK offer to make a presence, and enlighten the love-struck ones with their experiences and nobel opinion on this never-understood idea of truth.
Spreading his idea on love…Guru Ankit Shah comes from a rich history of relationships and is now a BIG shot professional in his field.
Accompanying him, and to pump in the notion of how to attract a gender(same and opposite alike) Guru-Gurtej comes from being an engineer-turned LUV-GURU…graduating from ‘The college of luvingeering” in the field of luvology!!
Skipping the 2 hr very special workshop would not be the wisest choice by any means…
So do join in… which promises to be the most sensational & breath-taking event in the HISTORY of NIRMAAN!!

Eventhough I can't recall the exact written date of this article, I figure it was somewhere around the middle of semester 1. Some of us guys decided to step it straight up in our very first experience with the college fest, and spread the noble thought of love:D.. Another couple further decided that it made perfect sense to send it as a synopsis because it made absolutely no sense to anyone, not even me. Let the literature kill the IEEE..Ha!
Obviously the synopsis wasn't approved, but we learnt the committee read it and headed for the himalayas. Hmmm..bad one:D. Anyways it turned out, the events were supposed to be technical, and the Head of Events suggested we pour it during the cultural fest SPACE. No kidding..
We were all shattered of course, but our endeavour was bookmarked forever. NIRMAAN was cursed now( dare challenge the messengers of love ).
It's just a matter of time now I tell you, when the murderers of love realize their disastrous deals. A matter of time, when our efforts would be recognized, and the zombies in love, in their pink pyjamas would rise, and hail the gurus, who shall shower their cupid on this pathetic world and make it a better and beautiful place to live.
PS : I got this article from the earliest posts in our class community on orkut. Do go through yours. Highly recommended:). And like in most cases, it was our very own Sanket Godbole who advised me to put it up. Thanking him..


omkar said...

kya baat hai.....bahut dino ke baad padha yaar ye..nice...cheerzzz...

Sanket said...

Brought back to mind great memories when i read this couple of days ago. It was sem 3 when you wrote this one..and the whole synopsis copy circulated throughout the class. Everyone cheering Gaurav.
And thanks for mentioning my name!

Tanmay said...

Well Gaurav u truly rock dude...i jus read this article a few days back...was writing an article on it.
had this thought crossed our mind a few days early this event wud have surely been in SPACE...neways gr8 post. keep writing!!!

anand said...
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anand said...

u brought back nostalgic memories...those were days man ...this post was written somewhere in third sem and we almost did organise this one, didn't we ?

and if i am right, we even contemplated the idea of roping in the other ankit (bagga) to join in the original gurus.

trust me,one of ur best posts.keep writing mr shakesphere.

u deserve a RIMPOCHE for this effort.

gurtej said...

Hey im still ready if ull are interested... name a day n date... cool post yaar... n i had no difficulty understanding this one...

ricky said...

gr8 one
even if the event wasnt a part of nirmaan, but the core appreciated d effort when they were going through synopsis
u almost did an event

n trust me sant ankit shah and guru gurtej philosophy changed life of many !!!!!! lolz

Gaurav DobhaL said...

Omkar.. Shall never let you guys forget;)
Sanket..Yes, the third sem, forgive:). Thank you for reminding.
Tanmay..Thanks a lot. Im sure it wouldve figured in the events list this tym with you gyz tym.
Anand.. We tried pulling in ankit, yes I remember.. He developed cold feet, to wonder he even thought the event was gonna happen in the first

Gaurav DobhaL said...

Gurtej.. I understand a blog goes in vain if ones not able to convey notions. You make me feel genuinely happy gurtej when you say you understood:). And sir, anytime..Im still gonna sit on the first row;)
Rohan.. Spot on rohan. It did change many lives. lol..

Gurtej said...